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Creativity and innovation from the simple to the extraordinary define our methods in designing tasteful events for corporate, social and employee relations improvement purposes.

Sizzling Ideas manages, in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, a variety of events such as corporate meetings, theme parties, anniversaries, galas, motivational events, seminars, exhibition areas and product launchings, since 1997.

To be more assertive, we will help with the process of "Needs & Objectives Assessment" to create a concept or develop your idea and provide you with the appropriate design and planning.

At Sizzling Ideas we believe our services are essential towards assisting companies or groups in achieving their objectives for their events.

Our services and expertise give you the opportunity to channel your needs through one creative way, so as to achieve your goals and get the results you expect from your activities and conventions.

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¡A la 6ta la vencida! Luego de años llevando a cabo el Women Who Lead Summit, FINALMENTE encontramos una profesional que realmente se adueña de los eventos de sus clientes y se asegura de controlar todos los detalles. Eugenia es una profesional de altura que con su dominio y experiencia te brinda una tranquilidad que nunca antes había experimentado con otras suplidoras.


P.O Box 12215

San Juan, Puerto Rico

(787) 225 - 7696

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